The Only Four GOP 2016 POTUS Candidates Who Can Make it Through the First Few Primary States Are…

Yes, I was a part of the original tea party movement. Yes, I’ve voted third party in a Presidential election. Yes, I’ve hoped and believed different outcomes would come about only to be disheartened and defeated. I’ve learned a lot since 2008. I’ve learned that sheer will doesn’t win elections. And, unfortunately, many of my


Group Claiming to be ISIS Hacked this Site & Liberty News Network Sites… Here is One of the Posts I Believe Set them Off (Yes, ISIS Thugs, there IS Evidence there Was a Muslim Purchase of White House)

For those who haven’t yet heard, a group claiming to be ISIS hacked this site and several others in the Liberty News Network over the weekend. My personal site (This one) was the first hacked and I believe it was my last post about a possible Muslim purchase of the White House that set them