Welcome to my humble little home on the web!

If you’re reading this, then you probably know a little about who I am. For those who don’t know and are looking for a little more info…

I’m a:

  • Journalist
  • Video production enthusiast
  • Digital marketing geek
  • Web developer
  • WordPress junkie
  • HUGE Cubs fan
  • Libertarian minded American (Hate both “major” parties. Actually, I can’t really stand ANY of the political parties)
  • Off-grid living nerd
  • Seeker of freedom

I work for Grassroots Action, Inc. I manage their digital presence (multiple large scale web properties and a fan/follower base of more than 2,000,000 on social media) and direct all front-end content publishing platforms.

You can connect with me on Facebook here. I generally hate Twitter (although I have nearly 9,000 followers) so don’t bother with that account. I sure don’t. I have Instagram but don’t use it much.

I have a blog here.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Eric Odom