The Basics

I’m a liberty movement activist, libertarian minded political consultant and marketing geek.

In 2009 I was one of the first few activists to respond to Rick Santelli’s infamous rant. I built the original website that was used to plan for the February of 2009 tea parties. On February 28th, 2009, I built, which served as the primary organizing hub for the 2009 Tax Day Tea Party. I’ve since stepped away from the tea party over personality issues, hijacking by big orgs and generally awful messaging tactics.

I’ve been deeply engaged in combating the corrupt two party establishment ever since.

I’m originally from northern Nevada but have lived in the midwest since 2007.  I currently conduct information warfare via Kenosha, Wisconsin.

A few Notable Media Hits:

-In 2010, I was named to the Top 100 Most Influential U.S. Conservatives via the UK Telegraph

-I was profiled by the New York Times. There was a follow-up by a NYT reporter right after I temporarily moved to Las Vegas to help keep big government liberals from running the board across the state.

-The Associated Press profiled a lot of what I do with my political work. You have to read down the story a bit, but it’s a good 7 or so paragraphs of solid plugs and background.

-I’ve made many appearances on Fox News national. Below is one from Brian Wilson’s show regarding the Tea Party Movement.

The next clip is a segment I did on Fox News the day before the 2009 Tax Day Tea Party.

-I’ve also appeared on CNN and MSNBC, as well as appearances on a plethora of local programs in various cities. I’ve been on at least 100 radio programs across the nation.

-I’ve also been “rebuked” by Keith Olbermann and other ilk of the left. The Olbermann segment is below.

There is plenty more, but this should give you a good idea of where I stand.

I don’t trust government. Not one bit.

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